Chloe baseModel Tutorial

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Chloe baseModel Tutorial

- a intermediate's lecture (No detailed functional description)

- Including English subtitles

- No sound

- 9 videos (100 minutes)

- Provide Final Rendering Scene file (Maya 2018)

- Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter

- It uses Maya, but other 3D tool users can also refer to character creation.

- Introduces my method of producing Chibi character.

- How to work quickly in a short period of time.


-9 Videos

01_body (9m)

02_hand (10m)

03_body_finish (12m)

04_head_01 (13m)

05_head_02 (14m)

06_Modeling_finish (9m)

07_UV (9m)

08_Texturing (14m)

09_rendering (7m)

-Guide Image

-Final Scene

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Chloe baseModel Tutorial

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